Determine the business problems to be solved by SharePoint

Businesses around the world invest in internal communications solutions for the promise of a centralized platform. The goal is giving employees a platform through which they can access and share the same information and content, where outreach to individuals, teams, or the entire organization can be streamlined, and where everyone can work in a highly collaborative environment.

These investments come with expectations. Organizations expect to achieve measurable performance improvements not only in terms of communications efficiencies, but also in terms of reduced resource redundancies, a freer exchange of ideas, an active surfacing of expertise, improved innovation, and a more connected and cohesive workforce.

Key Takeaways

  • Whether the SharePoint implementation is just beginning, or the platform has been in use for several years, a critical step to realizing a return on investment is to determine the business problems that are (to be) solved by SharePoint.
  • Each team within the organization has specific business problems, goals and ROI metrics to address by implementing SharePoint