Ensure you are getting the most out of SharePoint through the use of analytics

Businesses around the world invest in internal communications solutions for the promise of a centralized platform. The goal is giving employees a platform through which they can access and share the same information and content, where outreach to individuals, teams, or the entire organization can be streamlined, and where everyone can work in a highly collaborative environment.

However, many organizations fall trap to “set it and forget it” with investments like SharePoint. They don’t monitor and measure adoption, usage and collaboration until it comes time for reinvestment or upgrades and executives asking if SharePoint is necessary. Analysis and measurement can be added easily, yet many organizations aren’t aware of this possibility.

Key Takeaways

  • When detailed and continuous adoption measurement programs are instituted and SharePoint administrators and advocates can both report on and build on comparable metrics, the justification of the initial investment, as well as further investment, becomes clear through data and reporting.
  • While the inspiration for investing in a SharePoint deployment may arise from anywhere within an organization, most investments are driven by process, productivity, and connectivity needs from within key corporate entities.
  • To gain real advantage through a SharePoint deployment and to truly understand specific metrics around user adoption and engagement rates, more advanced analytics solutions are required.
  • Without more advanced reporting, the detail that is needed to reach accurate conclusions can go missing. With limited information and incomplete reporting, inaccurate interpretation is common.