Four Common Use Cases for SharePoint Analytics

To get the most out of your SharePoint environment, you need to know how it’s being used and if it’s creating a return on your investment. Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint was designed specifically to understand the details of SharePoint and is used by leading enterprises worldwide to measure user behavior and increase ROI.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn about the following:

  • Information Technology: Helping to support employees looking for needed documents and information is critical for IT managers but can become laborious without a good search function and reporting
  • Corporate Communications: With widely dispersed workforces, it’s a challenge for corporate communication managers to ensure their organization is reading the latest messaging, policy changes, or strategies
  • Human Resources: Employees looking for answers to common questions and then calling HR can cause lost time for both the employee and the HR manager
  • Marketing: With many different marketing practices across countries, regions and business units, it’s a challenge for marketing managers to ensure their content is read and utilized by the organization