Beyond SharePoint Native Reporting: Understanding the Limitations of SharePoint out-of-the-box Usage & Analytics Reporting

A successful SharePoint portal needs constant upkeep and measurement to make sure that it is functioning as a collaborative space for employees. Native SharePoint reports provide only a portion of the story of how your users are adopting and engaging in your portal. Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint was designed specifically to understand the details of SharePoint and is used by leading enterprises worldwide to measure user behavior and increase ROI.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn about the following:

  • SharePoint Native Reports: What reporting is available with SharePoint out of the box for different versions and how to find them.
  • Understand the Limitations of SharePoint Native Reports: Native SharePoint reports provide a limited view of what is truly occurring on your portal. Understand where the gaps are.
  • How to get Deeper Insight: Using Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint see how to get better User-specific activity, understand the complete Search Experience, and detailed usage metrics at any level.