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The Basics of A/B and Multivariate Testing


On-site testing gives marketers the data they need to improve the customer experience through improved placement of creative elements and content. But did you know testing can also directly influence consumer behavior and improve conversions and revenues?

While every optimization opportunity is different, it is important to know the types of tests that are available, how they are used to enhance websites and landing pages, and how to use the data to drive business. This white paper provides you with a solid understanding of testing and how to get started.

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In this white paper from Webtrends, you'll discover why on-site testing is so important to providing customers with an online experience that gets results. You'll also get an illustrated overview of the basics of on-site testing, including:

  • Three types of A/B testing and each is used to optimize a web page
  • Three elements of successful multivariate testing and the level of customer intelligence that can be gained
  • How to get the most bang from your testing buck when gathering data