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Tips from the Experts Adapting to your Dynamic Customer Base


Jeremiah Owyan — @jowyang 
Analyst, Altimeter Group 

Susan Etlinger — @setlinger 
Analyst, Altimeter Group

Justin Kistner 
Director of Social Products, Webtrends 


Have consumers taken control of brands?

What was once a fairly straightforward path of leading prospects through the sales funnel has now changed into dynamic multi-channel passageways filled with endless choices for the consumer. These aren’t foreign concepts; you’re doing it too.

You check Yelp before dining at a new restaurant, research customer and expert reviews before purchasing a new product, check-in when you catch a movie, and continually communicate what you like to your social spheres. Your customers are actively doing the same.

Join Webtrends and analysts from the Altimeter Group for a free webinar to get answers to these questions:

  • How do sources of information from friends, reviews and experts influence the journey?
  • How do experiences on devices and across channels affect consumers?
  • The impact and distinction of paid, owned and earned media. Are they converging? What will the future consumer experience look like?
  • How can measurement help you be a more agile marketer?