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Developing a Framework for Social Measurement

Susan Etlinger — @setlinger 
Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group 

Merlyn Gordon — @merlyngordon 
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Webtrends

Measurement Strategy Quantifies Your Social Media Investment

The social web is no longer a new channel. However, the volatility, fragmentation and unique characteristics of social data continue to challenge brands. They are now seeking to quantify the revenue impact of social media initiatives, and to tie these initiatives back to business outcomes.

According to research conducted by Altimeter Group, the primary business impact of social media for many brands today is less about revenue generation, and more about insights that help brands meet customer experience goals. While social media insights are critical to business decisions, the imperative to quantify investments in the social channel, as well as the returns from this investment, continues to escalate. Through the design and execution of a well-formed social measurement strategy, it is possible to measure the revenue impact of social media, and position brands for success in this rapidly evolving channel.

In this webcast, Altimeter’s Susan Etlinger will present the findings from her research report, “The Social Media ROI Cookbook.” She will provide actionable take-aways to help organizations develop a social measurement strategy. Susan will introduce a top-down and bottom-up approach to measuring social, and will describe four key factors critical to assessing an appropriate measurement mix.