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Deliver the Most Relevant Digital Experience To Your Audience

Web Analytics Demystified
Eric Peterson
Senior Partner and Founder, Web Analytics Demystified

Steve Earl
Director Product Marketing, Webtrends

Consumers are increasingly demanding that their favorite brands be more attuned to their personal interests. But how do you deliver relevance to your digital marketing efforts?

Join industry experts for a free webinar to find out how to deliver the most relevant content to your target audiences across digital marketing channels (web, mobile and social), and get remarkable ROI.

Learn how best-in-class marketers are dramatically increasing customer acquisition by delivering more relevant experiences that improve campaign conversion:

  • What is relevance and why does it matter to you as a marketer?
  • What is the value of relevance and how does it increase your company revenue?
  • 5 key steps to delivering relevance to your target audience
  • Examples of best-in-class companies who have achieved remarkable ROI by delivering relevant content